Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Witness Seattle and Washington Failure

It's snowing in the Seattle metro area, and you know what that means - society ceases to function, cars get abandoned on the highway, 10 minute commutes take 3 hours, all business and schools close, and failure spreads with every snow flake. In general, the state just breaks itself from the inside out. All of this because of a couple inches (yes inches) of snow.

We all know what happened in the last "state of emergency," power took a week to fully restore and idiots killed themselves by running generators inside their homes, producing "what was 'quite possibly' the worst storm-related carbon-monoxide poisoning disaster in the United States, according to an official at one Seattle hospital" (MSNBC). In all seriousness, condolences to those families, but please people don't be that stupid, read these safety tips.

Washington, please don't fail in another snow or wind storm. It's starting to drive me crazy.

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