Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Great Example of Northwest Snow Failure

Want to see how people in the Northwest really fail when it comes to snow? Watch this video of car after car sliding into each other. You won't believe this. Cars slide all the way down roads, hitting every parked car along the way. Piles form at the bottom of hills.

Taken in Portland, Oregon:

The second video starts the same, but at the end shows the aftermath of cars hitting a fire truck.

To be fair, the roads were iced over and probably on a minor slope. That's the only way a car could slide sideways that slow for that long (as seen in the vid). However, that does not excuse the terrible performance of the drivers, hitting the brakes and gas at all the wrong times.

Also, Portland should have had the forsight to at least salt and sand the roads. Sadly, they probably don't even have such equipment and supplies, and even if they did, I doubt they'd know what to do with it. Putting salt and sand on the roads is a concept barely understood by natives of the Northwest.

Keep in mind, this isn't all that far from Seattle, and roughly the same kind of thing happens here when it snows.

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Daniel said...

Oh wow. Those people suck. I mean how do you slide sideways dowen the street and hit a car like that.