Monday, April 25, 2005

So True

I give you the following:

Try this thought experiment. A dictator takes over the US and sends all the professors to re-education camps. The physicists are told they have to learn how to write academic articles about French literature, and the French literature professors are told they have to learn how to write original physics papers. If they fail, they'll be shot. Which group is more worried?

I'll give you a moment to think...

If it took you more than a fraction of a second to decide that the French literature professors should be shitting their pants, you need to have your head examined. On the other hand, if you decided that the physics professors are the group which is more worried, well you are just stupid and there is no saving you.

Gary showed the previous quote to me at work. This interesting nugget comes from Paul Graham on this page of his web site. There you will find additional evidence to support my claims above. Explore the rest of his site for other amusing observations.

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